Uncertain Confidence (At Hepcat)

Dec 3, 2017

Hey all – thought I should send this out before all of Friday has passed me by and reinforced any concerns that might exist regarding my memory (or lack of same).

Also, I wanted to remind us all that we’re at Hepcat Studios this Sunday, NOT at Pantages. Hepcat is located at 300-72 Princess (the corner of Princess and McDermot). We’ll put out the sign; parking is on the surrounding streets, and much easier to access now that the road construction in that part of the city is dialed down for the winter.

Kids Table will be an “adventure in the kitchen”. You have to see the place to understand, but I believe I can assure you that no other church in Winnipeg has a more “vibey” location for their kids than The Table, at least when we’re at Hepcat. That said, I think the “spy turrent couch storage” vibe at Pantages may also be unparalleled…

Talky Bit – last week I left us with a question that I said I would pick up at our gathering this Sunday. Here’s that question – what if there was a way of having faith that, despite it not being affiliated with certainty, still carried with it a type of confidence, such that it could move us into action in the world rather than primarily producing a kind of pinning for another world? That’s where I intend to rejoin the conversation, with a short detour into Advent along the way.

Coming Events – just a reminder that we will be marking Advent and Christmas with unique gatherings on both December 17th and 24th, both at our normal morning gathering times. On the 17th we will be together for “Not Quite Christmas”, which is sort of our more “special program” gathering for this season. Then on the 24th (again, at our usual time) we’ll gather for a potluck meal and some carol singing. There will be no gathering on the 31st.

Peace to you all – I’ll see you on Sunday.

-Tim Plett

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