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Not Quite Christmas – Looking for the Light

Dec 17, 2017

Hey all – in a culture that doesn’t know how to wait for anything (all right – that’s a little harsh), Advent is WEIRD! I mean, we know how the story ends, right?  Right?  So let’s get on with the party! Well, that’s all fine and good, but what happens when knowing the version of […]

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Santa Claus, Your Guide To Advent…

Dec 10, 2017

Hey all – we’re back at Pantages this week, and for several more to come. I’m glad for the warm welcome the owner of Hepcat extends to us, and it’ll also feel good to be back in what feels like our “home” for the time being. I also want to remind us all that next […]

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Uncertain Confidence (At Hepcat)

Dec 3, 2017

Hey all – thought I should send this out before all of Friday has passed me by and reinforced any concerns that might exist regarding my memory (or lack of same). Also, I wanted to remind us all that we’re at Hepcat Studios this Sunday, NOT at Pantages. Hepcat is located at 300-72 Princess (the […]

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Ack – I Forgot the Blurb!

Nov 26, 2017

Hey all…in my life, there’s a fine (read – not always easily discerned) line between focused and hyper-focused. Focused is generally o.k.   Hyperfocused – well, let’s just say that things other than what is right in front of me suffer. I have no excuse for not writing the blurb this week…but I would like you […]

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Re-locating Hope

Nov 19, 2017

Hey everybody – PLEASE NOTE that we’re not at our usual location this Sunday. Dance stuff at Pantages (including one of my kids!) has us on the road.  We will be gathering at Booth University College, located at 447 Webb Place. That’s the short little street ending at the corner of Ellice and Balmoral. The main university entrance is on Webb […]

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