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Adrian Jacobs at The Table!

Feb 25, 2018

NOTE: This blurb contains several items of importance. If possible, please read the whole thing. You know I don’t tend to throw exclamation points around, so that effusive subject line is a clue about how excited I am to have Adrian Jacobs join us for our gathering at The Table this Sunday. Adrian is Cayuga […]

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The Perfect Prayer for Lent?

Feb 18, 2018

Hey all – just in case you missed it, Lent started. This past Wednesday was Ash Wednesday, which kicks off the traditional 46 day season in the “church calendar” called Lent. We’ve been exploring some ideas about prayer, and I don’t want to interrupt that, but I also don’t want to ignore the potentially intriguing […]

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Prayer for “I Don’t Know What I Believe-ers”

Feb 11, 2018

Hey all – just a reminder that we’re still gathering at Pantages. Watch this space (both the blurb and online) for notification of any changes in this regard. This week I’ll be continuing the exploration we began last Sunday when we considered the “Drunkards Prayer”, as we found it in the Chris Stapleton song with […]

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Boozy Musings On Prayer

Feb 4, 2018

Hey all…sometimes the way(s) we do or don’t pray can provide a bit of a litmus test for where we’re at in our spiritual travels. I’m NOT thinking of the kind of test where we judge our spirituality by how often, how long, or how intensely we pray. I’m thinking of how we regard prayer […]

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The Cost of an Epiphany Pt. 3

Jan 28, 2018

Hey everyone – just a reminder that we’re still at Pantages, and still gathering around 10:30 a.m. so we can get rolling by 10:45. I had a music teacher once who said that “practice makes perfect, but only if you practice perfectly”.¬† I would say our practice on this matter is something less than perfect […]

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