Santa Claus, Your Guide To Advent…

Dec 10, 2017
Hey all – we’re back at Pantages this week, and for several more to come. I’m glad for the warm welcome the owner of Hepcat extends to us, and it’ll also feel good to be back in what feels like our “home” for the time being.
I also want to remind us all that next Sunday (the 17th) our morning gathering will be our celebration of “Not Quite Christmas”. It’ll be in the morning (there has been some confusion on this point) at our usual time. The gang from the Kids Table will have something special to offer as part of that morning, after which they will be offered something special in their own space, facilitated by Amy, our fearless Kids Table leader. Whoop!
The Sunday after that (the 24th), we will also gather in the morning at our usual time, but this on that occasion for a potluck and carol sing. No Kids Table that morning, because what kid wants to miss food and Christmas carols? I mean really…
Lisa Hastings is leading the charge on the food part, but needs some assistance with setting up/taking down tables, etc. If you’re willing to be part of that, let me know and I’ll put you in touch with Lisa. Or you can just speak with her directly in person.
Talky Bit – well, as promised in the subject line, it is my intent to find a way to have us all convert to following the way of Santa Claus. Yep….I’ve fallen off the edge, gone into the weeds, lost it entirely. But seriously…what if following Santa is the way to God? (Honestly – who lets this guy have time at the front?)
I’ll see you on Sunday.
Tim Plett
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