Ack – I Forgot the Blurb!

Nov 26, 2017

Hey all…in my life, there’s a fine (read – not always easily discerned) line between focused and hyper-focused. Focused is generally o.k.   Hyperfocused – well, let’s just say that things other than what is right in front of me suffer. I have no excuse for not writing the blurb this week…but I would like you all to think that it’s because there were other things in my life that were so compelling that even something as important as blurbing (is that a word?) slipped my mind.

But enough about that…the details of what I should have written are as follows:

Location – Pantages

Time – I only mention time because if I don’t occasionally do so, we will probably be starting our gatherings at 11:45 by the end of January.  NO – we do NOT start at 11:45. We gather at 10:30 (ish), and try really, really hard to get under way by 10:45. Sometimes, we actually do.

Talky Bit – What if things happen for no reason?  Or to put it another, what if things don’t happen for a reason? How would that impact what we believe, and how we live out those beliefs?  I expect this will be a “part 1” sort of Talky Bit, so we’ll see how it goes.

Peace and joy to you all.

I’ll see you on Sunday.

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