Re-locating Hope

Nov 19, 2017
Hey everybody – PLEASE NOTE that we’re not at our usual location this Sunday. Dance stuff at Pantages (including one of my kids!) has us on the road.  We will be gathering at Booth University College, located at 447 Webb Place. That’s the short little street ending at the corner of Ellice and Balmoral. The main university entrance is on Webb Place; we’ll put out the sign. Parking is on the street – metered, but free on Sundays. There is also an Impark surface lot and parkade across Balmoral (beside the University of Winnipeg) if you feel compelled to pay for parking. To find our gathering space, come in the front doors (someone will be there to let you in – the doors are secured on the weekend with an auto-lock system), then take the elevators to the second floor. Go to your right when you exit the elevator and look for the open double doors on your right. That’ll be us. The environment will be new, but the coffee and fishy crackers will be our very own.
Kids Table will be improvising a little because of a new space, but it’s on.
Talky Bit – We will be continuing our exploration of the relationship between fear, faith and hope.  We’ve talked about the idea of “re-locating God”; this Sunday we’re going to talk about re-locating hope. How does it change the way we live if we regard hope as either primarily or entirely residing “somewhere else”, as compared to it being all around us here and now? That’s the short version of the question we’ll be probing.
I look forward to being with you on Sunday.
Tim Plett
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