Another Path To Prayer

Nov 12, 2017
Hey all – we’ll be gathering at Pantages this week. Next Sunday we’ll be at Booth University, who have generously offered us their main gathering space for the 19th. More details on that in the blurb next week.
This Sunday, the Talky Bit will be helmed by Karen Johnson. I’m really looking forward to what Karen has for our community. Her spirituality often strikes me as a beautifully unique blend of deeply insightful and down-to-earth practical; a mixture most of us could probably use a little more of.  Here’s what she has to say about where her exploration will be headed:
Ten years ago I had the great fortune to work with a teaching savant – we were both in our first year teaching but it was clear that she was the mentor in our relationship. In the midst of talking through our struggles one day she told me she prayed for the kids that were the hardest to work with and arguably the hardest to “like” – but she wasn’t really praying for them. It was more to the tune of “Lord help me love them!” Suffice it to say I did not want to love those kids, I wanted the easy road where they would just “get better” or maybe disappear to a new school after spring break. 

In the ten years that have followed I can’t tell you I’ve reformed my ways and spend hours praying to love kids in a traditional knees of the floor palms to the sky fashion, but I have found my way to loving the kids that are both the hardest to love and the ones who need our love the most. Come join in on Sunday and hear how I’ve used writing as a path to connect with my students in a way that I hope reflects what my co-teacher was getting at during that first year out of the gate.


As usual, we’ll gather 10:30 ish. For anyone that might be reading this because they are thinking of popping by for a visit, be advised that we don’t really get underway until around 10:45. Personally, I think it’s one of the ways we express how much we value our freedom to come and go, both literally and ideologically. Just a theory…

I’m looking forward to being with you on Sunday. Not a theory, just a fact…


Tim Plett

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