“It’s Alive!”

Nov 5, 2017
Hey all…we’re at Pantages this week and next. On the 19th of November we will be at a location yet-t0-be determined. I’ll keep you posted.
Reminder – this is the weekend of the “Fall back” time change. Remember to set your clocks (how many of you still have clocks you need to set?) back one hour before you call it a day on Saturday, and we’ll all end up in the same place at approximately the same time. Or you could just come early and help the set up teams.

Kids Table – due to the extraordinary commitment of a dedicated and courageous (I mean really – how many kids would you want to have within your purview at any given moment?) team, Kids Table is happening every time we gather. I’ll make a point of noting any exceptions in the blurb, rather than reiterating that it’s on. Sound o.k. to you?

Talky Bit – Shelley’s “Frankenstein” remains a benchmark literary work and memorable image of something being assembled by humans and then coming to life, but not in a good way. The shriek of “IT’S ALIVE!” and the subsequent regret of it’s maker have provided the framework for reflection on everything from genetic engineering to technology to…religion? Yep…this week, some reflection on what happens when the religions we make take on a life of their own, and the humble offering of a couple of tools for discerning when we might be in danger of that happening. I won’t actually be talking about Frankenstein directly, so you won’t have to be a fan of the story or the genre to engage, but if you want to surf the Halloween wave at The Table this might be your chance.

I’ll see you Sunday.


Tim Plett

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