On Hope and Fear

Oct 29, 2017
Hey all – we’re gathering at Pantages this week. If you happen to be someone that is reading this on the website because you are considering paying a first-time visit, you may wish to keep in mind that although we say we start at 10:30, that really means that we start arriving at 10:30 and actually get under way around 10:45. Just FYI…

Kid’s Table will be up in “the turret”. Do you realize that your kids can look out those windows at any time and that they know if you (if you’re a parent) are being naughty or nice? Christmas is less than two months away. I’m just sayin’…

Talky Bit – I said to someone recently that when I started out in “ministry” work three decades or so ago, the tide of fear felt about halfway up my shins. Now it feels like it’s around my ears, and rising. Today I heard a young adolescent give a presentation on the imminent threat of World War III that she feels is percolating up through the “governance by tweet” practices of both North Korea and the U.S.A. Yikes! So I think it might be time to do some exploring around the relationship between our hopes and fears. We’ll get that underway this Sunday.

I’ll see you on Sunday.


Tim Plett

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