From Sound to Color…

Oct 22, 2017

But first, location, location, location…we’re at Pantages this week, and for a few more before we have to go wandering again. Special thanks to everyone that has pitched in to help with the added tasks that come with us being “on the road”. Much appreciated!

Kids Table has been faithfully and creatively adapting to new spaces. I think the kids kinda like it. If you want to know how the teachers feel, you should ask them in person. Don’t be afraid – they mostly think like “big kids”. That’s part of why they are so awesome with the actual kids.
Talky Bit – last week we speculated about God in surround sound, about what language God speaks, about how to tell a story in a metaphorically “sonically transparent” way. This week, we’re going to explore what that might look like in color versus how it looks in black and white. And yes, it seems that Jesus may have had an opinion about this. Hmmm….
By the way – if you’re someone that is reading this blurb on the website because you’re planning to come and visit for the first time, be aware that although our “official” gathering time is 10:30, we’re pretty casual about that, and don’t really sit down and get at it until around 10:45. Before that, it’s coffee, conversation, play time for the littles…things like that. Just to help you avoid that “we’re on time – where is everybody?” awkward moment…
I’ll see you on Sunday.
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