Why God Sounds Better In Surround Sound

Oct 15, 2017

DetailsNOTE – We are at Hepcat Studios (300 – 72 Princess Streetthis Sunday. We’ll put our the sign. It’s a three floor walk up, but there is an elevator at the back entrance of the building. If you would benefit from some assistance with access, send me a text (204.232.4574), and I’ll either come down to let you in or send someone to help.

Kids Table: Yep, this place has a space for the kids. A rather funky space, in my opinion. It also has lots of places for kids to explore, not all of which will be equally appropriate / safe for all ages. So a note for parents – you may wish to plan a quick lap of the place with your own kids to set your preferred ground rules for them when you arrive.
Talky Bit: Why God Sounds Better in Surround Sound…well, I think maybe it would be best to just show up for this one. Explaining the concept might take up more space than there is on the screen of your phone. Very short version – it’s a conversation about the complex nature of the “real”, measured against the “virtual”.  Sort of…
I’ll see you on Sunday.
Tim Plett
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