This Week at The Feast

Dec 24, 2017
Hey all…we’re on the cusp of Christmas. (That kind of has a nice ring to it…”cusp of Christmas”.)¬† So, in the interest of moving from deliberate anticipation to arrival at a kind of “story checkpoint”, from fasting to feasting, we’re going to gather on Sunday morning at our usual time (10:30 ish), at our most usual place (Pantages), and have Christmas Eve party in the morning. It’s going to involve food, because what kind of party would it be without a feast?
Please note – we will be gathering downstairs, not in the lobby, so when you come in just take the elevator down, and you’ll easily see where to go when the doors open.

Now, just what kind of feast we have will be up to us because it’s going to be a potluck. And we’re committed to the traditional definition of potluck…whatever we bring is what we get to eat. No back-up perogies this time; just the luck of the pot. Personally, I feel a kind of pleasant anticipation about that. I’ve never left a food event at The Table without having had enough to eat, and I don’t expect that’ll be the case this Sunday.

If you find yourself in a situation where you don’t have a a food item to contribute, come anyway. There will be a place for you.

And then, after we have shared our food with one another, we’ll partake in a “carol jam”. It’s an experiment, so just come on out with no particular expectations and we’ll see what happens. I feel pretty confident that we’ll end up singing some favorites together, and maybe even one or two that we don’t all know as well.

And then, it’s off to whatever comes next. For some of us, that’ll be more time with family and friends. For some, it’ll be a time of joy and celebration. For others, it won’t…it’ll be hard, for a variety of reasons.

So let’s gather, let’s celebrate, and let’s remain conscious as we do that Christmas, like the rest of life, is not one-dimensional, but with it’s stories of everything from kings to bums, palaces to stables, privilege to poverty, makes room for the full orb of the human experience. Let’s gather in both celebration and imitation of that.

I look forward to being with you on Sunday.


Tim Plett

P.S. – if you can come a bit early (I’ll be there at 9:00 to open up), Lisa Hastings is heading up the hospitality / set up, and she could use your help.
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