This Week at the Dance Studio / The Upside-Down Moral Pyramid

Oct 1, 2017

I’ll get back to that subject line in a moment, but first a few details about our location. This week we’ll be meeting at the Hep Cat Dance Studio, located at 300-72 Princess Street. That’s the corner of Princess and McDermot. The entrance is on the Princess side of the building. We’ll put out the sign. Parking is on the surrounding streets; no worse (and possible somewhat better) than the situation at Pantages. The studio is on the third floor, so come mentally prepared to walk up a few flights of stairs. This all falls under “we’ll see” in terms of how well this location might serve as an alternative to Pantages for the dates we can’t get that venue, so also think about your experience there in terms of giving feedback. At this point, we have three other dates this calendar year (October 15thNovember 19th,December 3rd) for which we need to solve the venue problem.

The Kids Table is happening. I don’t know if you were around last Sunday to see the “God glasses”, but I’ve decided that if it continues to be apparent that the kids are having more fun than the adults, I’m going to go join them. I could use some glasses that help me see God…and they seem to be making them at The Kids Table. Lucky kids…

Talky Bit – Well, as long as the power doesn’t go off on Sunday morning (if you were at The Table last Sunday, you’ll know what I’m talking about), I’ll return to what I was intending to explore a week ago, with some slight modifications. I’ll continue to probe some of the dilemmas that go along with “top down” morality, consider how that might be related to our evolution as a species, how it might have its roots in a quite ancient cosmology (that of the Egyptians), and how continuing to use that model might make it uniquely challenging to wrestle with the sort of moral conundrums that are unique to the 21st century, such as the ethical programming of driver-less cars. Whoop! I think this could be a fun ride. Now if I can just turn that rather long sentence into a not-too-long Talky Bit…

I’ll see you on Sunday. Bring your dancing shoes.


Tim Plett

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