Prayer for “I Don’t Know What I Believe-ers”

Feb 11, 2018

Hey all – just a reminder that we’re still gathering at Pantages. Watch this space (both the blurb and online) for notification of any changes in this regard.

This week I’ll be continuing the exploration we began last Sunday when we considered the “Drunkards Prayer”, as we found it in the Chris Stapleton song with that title. We mostly raised questions, particularly of the “why bother with prayer” variety. This week I want to begin an examination of some responses to those questions, especially as they might be explored by someone that isn’t sure just what they believe on all kinds of spiritual matters, including prayer. I think this should be an interesting journey that will take us, over the coming weeks, through terrain as varied as phone booths with no connection, to brains that are making connections to “God” whether God is real or not, to an artist that has decided that prayer is as good as way as any to try to connect to God even if they aren’t sure God exists. Whoop! I’m excited…

And just a spoiler alert – nowhere in this series will the guy at the front tell you that there is a way to pray that guarantees you wealth, happiness or the delivery of whatever it is you are asking God for. There are churches where you can hear that sermon, and I’m happy to provide a referral. I just don’t want you to show up looking for it at The Table, because you will leave disappointed.¬† Just so you know…

I’m looking forward to being together on Sunday.


Tim Plett

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