Boozy Musings On Prayer

Feb 4, 2018

Hey all…sometimes the way(s) we do or don’t pray can provide a bit of a litmus test for where we’re at in our spiritual travels. I’m NOT thinking of the kind of test where we judge our spirituality by how often, how long, or how intensely we pray. I’m thinking of how we regard prayer itself – how we imagine what it is we’re doing when we pray. Because sometimes, especially when our faith is taking a bit of a beating or going through some changes or just behaving like it’s hard to find, it’s difficult to know how to pray.

I know that lots of us at The Table feel like our faith is shifting, morphing, evolving. So it seems to me that it might be worthwhile to spend a bit of time talking about why (and maybe even how) to pray when we don’t feel like we’ve got a clue about what we actually believe. Which (sort of) brings me to the “boozy” part of the subject line. This Sunday in the Talky Bit, I’m going to get some help from a country songwriter who seems to need a bit of liquor to lubricate the machinery of prayer. Sometimes you stumble over insights in the darndest places…

If you can get the car started, come and join us at Pantages. We’ll see if we can get our own collective selves focused and underway by 10:45.

And just a reminder – If you’re interested in the group Matthew Kent is looking to start up (see last week’s blurb for more details) and you don’t know how to reach him, just let me know by replying to this email and I’ll pass you along to him.

Peace to you,

Tim Plett

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