The Cost of An Epiphany

Jan 7, 2018

Hey everyone – welcome to 2018! As we head into the new year, our perspectives probably run the gamut from ” I can’t wait to get on with this, because it’s going to be AWESOME!” to something more like “This year needs to be better than the last one, or I might not make it”, with lots of us living somewhere between those two poles. Most of us could benefit from something to draw us forward when the going is difficult – some moments of clarity or inspiration, some reason(s) to believe that keeping on is worth it. This Sunday (the Sunday closest to the date for the Feast of Epiphany, the relevance of which I’ll touch on in the Talky Bit) I want to start a bit of an exploration of what might keep us going when the going gets tough. I hope you can be there.

We’ll be meeting at Pantages. We will keep you posted of any changes of venue as they come our way, but for now we can be grateful for the bright and spacious (and heated!) room where we most often gather. Kids Table is back on; the turret (I hope that sounds intriguing, not ominous) is waiting to be filled with the energy and enthusiasm of the littles. So much to look forward to…

I’ll see you on Sunday.


Tim Plett

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